U.N. Considers Banning Boobs from Advertising

U.N. Considers Banning Boobs from Advertising

Breasts are deemed extremely important by men, women, and the United Nations. Whereas men and women tend to be more concerned with the health and enjoyment propelled by these Oracle gifts of nature, feminists at the U.N. have a different idea in mind.

Turns out liberals actually do like telling women what to do with their bodies. And today’s target is boobs. Fighting cancer you might ask? Improving prenatal care? No. No. No. This is a feminist idea. You see the liberal agenda is all about forcing everyone to agree with their ideologies, not advocating for the global good of women and children.

Women’s bodies need to be accepted, but only if they align with the body positive movement. Sure feminist…

Women’s bodies shouldn’t be violently attacked and raped, unless it’s by a migrant having a “sexual emergency”. It’s an outrage!

And now feminist have decided to pull out the hypocrisy card and actually do what they’re always accusing Republican lawmakers of doing… Find out more on the next page

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