Turncoat Now Charged With Terrorist Threats, Harassment and Disorderly Conduct

Ex-Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler, is a bad apple through and through.

His work with the Feds to infiltrate Patriot and 2nd Amendment groups, while pretending to be for them is devious. Truth and Action wrote of this:

That he worked for certain federal agencies to produce YouTube videos lambasting liberals and supporting the 2nd Amendment in the most aggressive manner possible in order to attract, infiltrate and take down patriot, pro-Second Amendment groups.

Now, this bad apple has threatened a counsel member and a woman with profanity and his gun, while she was driving home from a store.

Creasy said Kessler walked to his side of the register, approached him in an aggressive manner and began to push him in the chest and at one point pointed a finger at his face, according to the complaint.

Creasy recalled Kessler telling him “you better watch your back, I know where you live,” according to the complaint.

Creasy also reported Kessler had been harassing him with slanderous emails and worried the email harassment would continue and also what Kessler could do to his family, according to the complaint.

His other offense was directed at a woman Shannon Heiber.

Heiber reported she pulled over to let the vehicle pass but the driver, later identified as Kessler, pulled alongside her, rolled down the passenger's side window and began to scream at her and use obscene language, according to the criminal complaint. The woman recalled Kessler telling her “What are you doing? You're lucky my kids are in here or you know what would happen,” according to the complaint.

The woman said Kessler began to pull away but suddenly stopped, backed up and reached down, pulling out a firearm to show her, according to the complaint.

Is this an example of ultimate power corrupting a person?  Or was Kessler able to slip through screening processes his whole life, attaining the position of police chief, but living a Jekyll and Hyde persona?

Source:  The Morning Call





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