TSA’s SPOT program does not spot a single terrorist

The Intercept, a private publication that monitors the TSA, notes a critical component is a newsletter which highlights things such as providing “customer service” to the traveling public, by explaining security procedures or helping passengers.

The chatty newsletter loves to educate its readers by offering articles about the weather. Such inspiring pieces like “Surviving the Snow in Bangor, Maine!” “Beating the Summer Heat in Milwaukee!” and “Yes it Snows in Arizona!” are sure to help TSA personnel hone up on security skills.

However, on the serious side is the agency’s repeated failure to identify or stop weapons and explosives passing through 96 % of the time in recent tests, as it is supposed to do.

The Intercept asked questions regarding the reason for these “training” newsletters, TSA spokesperson Bruce Anderson replied the publication was but one of many items utilized by the TSA to involve and inspire its employees.

“An engaged and informed workforce is critical to TSA’s mission while ensuring that we treat all passengers fairly and with dignity and integrity,” the spokesperson said via email. “Employees who feel part of a community and recognized are more engaged and better perform their security mission. ‘BDOs in Motion’ is a newsletter written by Behavior Detection Officers. As always, professionalism and integrity are at the core of who we are as homeland security professionals, and TSA strives to demonstrate this with every passenger at every airport around the country.”

The full article is here.

So far, for a billion dollars, SPOT does not.





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