TSA Agent Alarms Passengers after Dropping to the Ground, Praying to Allah

How safe would you feel if your TSA agent started getting on his hands and knees and crying out the name of Allah?

Well if you’re anything like passengers in the Seattle Airport last month, you’d likely have started getting very alarmed. I mean this is the guy who is supposedly screening all the passengers for explosives and terrorists.

When you throw in the statistics released back in 2015 that at least 73 TSA agents are on the terror watch list – it all starts to make sense. Reports are suggesting that the TSA agent shown in the video below is one of the 73. However, these reports have yet to be confirmed with the state department.

How would you’ve been responded if your TSA agent started praying to Allah right before boarding your plane? And should we be doing more to monitor the so-called efficacy of the TSA?

A) Shown him a picture of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and asked him what he thought about his magical hammer

B)  Hell yes! – None of this is actually meant to be flippant, only engaging,  and the gravity of the lax situation opening up between TSA agents and potential terrorists is incredibly alarming.

Here is the video:



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