Trump’s New “Office of Transparency” May Finally Put the Guilty in Prison

President Donald Trump campaigned heavily three years ago on the mantra of “Make America Great Again,” yet there was one major underlying theme to this movement that pinned everything together into an election worth pursuing…and that was “Drain the Swamp!”

This single theme would string together all of his ideals and beliefs and was the sole reason why his candidacy resonated so strongly with so many Americans.

For more than 100 years, the public has complained about the runaway spending of the federal government and how the politicians never kept their promises. That has coalesced into a government entity in Washington, D.C. that is so bloated and corrupt, it was time for someone…anyone…to step up and say, “Enough's enough!”

That someone was Donald Trump. It took a billionaire businessman as an “Inside-the-Beltway” outsider to finally come forward and announce that he intended to Drain the Swamp. That time has come with the announcement of a brand new “Office of Transparency” where classified documents will be fast-tracked in order to be released to the public.

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