Trump’s New Commission Discovers Millions of Voter Registrations Duplicated in Multiple States

Trump’s New Commission Discovers Millions of Voter Registrations Duplicated in Multiple States

We can all remember how the Trump administration promised to set up a new commission to delve into election fraud.  The preliminary investigation has begun and only a week into it and already, Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State, has found that in just 28 states, there is already a massive number of problems.  In a time when information can be shared so quickly and discreetly, and people become ever more mobile, it is more important than ever to ensure that the integrity of the nation’s elections is intact.  A rude hybrid of modern technology and Liberal ideology have morphed our once easily trusted system into a broken machine with missing gears and a motor that sputters along on tainted fuel and clouds of dirty smoke.

Welcome to Leftist Utopia America where anyone can vote at any time and as often as you wish in any (or every) location.  Even the questionable ballots can be filled out by voters who do not appear on the rolls, cast and counted before a viable investigation into the validity of the ballot ever takes place.  By that time, the election is over and the results are written in stone, too late to make a change or recall, unless of course you’re Hillary Clinton calling on your useful idiots in the media and fellow Green Party candidates to mount a resistance.

The new commission on election fraud has taken its first tentative steps toward getting some solid evidence that supports the suspicions and contentions of the Right that there is broad and rampant violation of our election systems and that the Left is primarily the perpetrator of such fraud.  It must also be pointed out that it does appear that over the past 20 years, the people continually caught breaking election laws have been Democrats.  When you hear about another case of election fraud (from the Rightwing media of course, because it’s practically non-existent in the mainstream media) you never, ever once think to yourself, “Those Republicans are at it again!”

That being said, the information contained in the preliminary examination of voter rolls from only 28 states is staggering.  If history is any indication, however, this will be only the tip of the voter fraud iceberg.

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