Trump’s Morning Joe Tweets Prove His Mad Genius

Trump’s Morning Joe Tweets Prove His Mad Genius

Donald Trump's genius hasn't always been obvious — but it's always been present.

From the moment Trump announced his campaign with a stunning condemnation of illegal immigration, he's gone against conventional wisdom to great reward. The press believed his controversial social media-driven campaign wouldn't last. Now, he's President of the United States while their credibility numbers are in the toilet.

Given Trump's savvy use of Twitter on the trail, one would think that the press would eventually realize Trump's mastery of the platform. Instead, they continue to insist that he give up his account.

Those calls to step away from Twitter increased last week when Trump used the platform to attack Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. They claim that Trump's tweet proves that he is “unhinged.”

But Trump knows exactly what he's doing.

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