Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech Draws Nazi-Era Comparisons

Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech Draws Nazi-Era Comparisons

Last week, Donald Trump finally gave the foriegn policy speech many news outlets have been begging him for. Predictably, the reaction they gave him in response was hardly glowing.

In fact,  in an effort to further tarnish the reputation of the GOP frontrunner, some in the press are dusting off their favorite means of attack: comparisons to Hitler.

It's a childish parallel to draw,  but since when had that stopped the mainstream media before?

Hitler committed genocide against millions of Jews across Europe — Donald Trump wants to build a border fence. Somehow,  in the minds of the liberal elite,  those policies are indistinguishable.

Even the slogan “America First” was attacked as un-Amrican. Really. You cant make this stuff up.

Of course,  given the known bias the media has against the billionaire businessman, while it may be incomprehensible,  it's not surprising.

See the predictable, manufactured outage the media peddled against the speech on the next page — and what Breitbart had to day in response:

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