Trump Wins Election in America’s Heartland in a Popular Vote Landslide

That whole sea of red on the map showing the election results by county would cause someone who knew nothing about the US to conclude that the result must have been an absolute blow-out by Mr. Trump.  Only when the distribution of the population is known would this person understand the actual results.

That map makes one wonder, just how strong was Mr. Trump in the counties he carried?  Or, put another way, how conservative is America’s heartland?

Donald Trump won an overwhelming 7.5 million popular vote victory in 3,084 of the country’s 3,141 counties or county equivalents in America’s heartland.

Trump’s 7.5 million popular vote landslide in America’s heartland, a resounding 7 point victory in those 3,084 counties over Clinton, 51 percent to 44 percent, gave him a 306 to 232 Electoral College landslide.

There’s part of your answer.  It was a blow-out for Trump in the heartland.  But what about Hillary in the blue counties?

Hillary Clinton, in contrast, had an 8.2 million vote margin in a narrow band of 52 coastal counties and five “county equivalent” cities stretching from San Diego to Seattle on the West Coast and Northern Virginia to Boston on the East Coast. That narrow band included two major cities–Washington, D.C and Baltimore, Maryland–included in the five “county equivalent” cities, and three major cities–Philadelphia, New York, and Boston–which are included in the 52 counties.

Clinton received 70 percent of the 18.4 million votes cast in these 52 elite coastal counties. Donald Trump, in contrast, received only 25 percent of the vote in these counties. The remaining 5 percent went to other candidates.

So it’s only because of those population centers along the coastal areas that Democrats are at all competitive in national races.

Clinton’s 671,066 popular vote margin across the entire country, 61,047,027 votes to Donald Trump’s 60,375,961 votes (according to Politico’s election results website as of Tuesday morning) arose from this huge advantage wracked up in these elite coastal counties.

Oh, here’s one more statistic that tells you a lot about the bias on display for all to see in the mainstream media.

It is worth noting that virtually all members of the mainstream media reside within this narrow band of elite coastal counties.

That tells the story, doesn’t it?

Source:  Breitbart



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