Trump: US Needs To “Stop Looking To Topple Regimes”

Trump: US Needs To “Stop Looking To Topple Regimes”

Nobody disputes that Donald Trump's ascent to the presidency marks the beginning of a new era, the magnitude of the changes to come became as apparent as they'll ever be just this week.

On the campaign trail, Trump earned plaudits and support from Americans due to his willingness to voice and stand by positions long considered “unacceptable” by the political establishment. As a self-made millionaire, he was immune to threats of having financial support pulled by donors since he didn't need any money from them in the first place. This allowed him to voice opinions on illegal immigration and free trade that resonated with conservatives and infuriated elites.

Another area where the GOP candidate disagreed with the prevailing orthodoxy was foreign policy, with him criticizing the failed strategies of the Obama administration. But as Trump outlined in a recent speech, he has sensible ideas to replace them with.

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