Trump Unveils New ‘Blue Apron-Style’ Food Stamp Program

President Trump realizes that part of making America great again is incenting people to rediscover the joy of hard work and paying their own way.

A populous who believes in the power of hard work is a populous at peace

President Trump's proposed plan sounds beyond reasonable at first glance, UNLESS you're a Democrat still trapped on the liberal plantation.

Here is the plan.

Under the USDA America’s Harvest Box proposal, all Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participating households receiving $90 per month or more in benefits will receive a package of nutritious, 100-percent U.S. grown and produced food. Approximately 16.4 million households, or about 81 percent of SNAP households would be impacted by this proposal.

The amount of food received per household would be scaled to the overall size of the household’s SNAP allotment, ultimately representing about half of their benefits. SNAP participants would receive domestically-sourced and produced food in lieu of a portion of their SNAP benefits.

USDA would utilize a model similar to that currently used to distribute USDA Foods to other nutrition assistance programs to provide staple, shelf-stable foods (such as shelf-stable milk, juice, grains, ready-eatcereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans, canned meat, poultry or fish, and canned fruits and vegetables) to SNAP households at approximately half the retail cost.

This proposal creates a new approach to nutrition assistance that combines retail-based SNAP benefits with delivery of USDA America’s Harvest Boxes supporting the President’s leadership on Buy American. This proposal is cost-effective, enhances the integrity of SNAP, and provides for states’ flexibility in administration of the program.

The remainder of the household’s benefits will still be provided via the current Electronic Benefit Transfer card.

The Department of Agriculture estimates taxpayers will save $129 billion in the span of 10 years by switching to “harvest boxes”.

I'm guessing it would actually save a lot more than that precisely because people would hate being restricted to the Harvest Boxes, and at least a significant percentage of them would respond to the added incentive to improve their situations.

Yes, the government would be picking out your food for you. Yes, that would be frustrating and no fun.

The point of food stamps is not to treat you to gourmet meals. It's to prevent you from starving to death while you get out of the trouble you've gotten yourself in, whether that takes the form of unemployment, underemployment or some other type of financial mess. We want you to have food. We want you to live. But if you want the kind of food you prefer, that's going to require you to earn your own money and buy it.

Furthermore, such a move encourages the production of U.S. based products and farmers while encouraging families receive nutritious foods.

Granted there will be some people with food allergies or disabled and truly unable to “improve their lives” as author Dan Calabrese puts it… but overall such a program truly stands to provide a more sensible approach to government food programs.

And for that, thank you, President Trump.

Source: Breitbart and Zero Hedge 

Image: Techdeezer



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