Trump University Trial Rigged by Team of Clinton Supporters

Donald Trump may have hinged Trump University's reputation on an upcoming decision by the courts, but recent revelations suggest that those involved in the case are far from neutral in the Hillary/Donald showdown.

It comes to light from LawNewz that the law firm Robbins Geller appointed by Judge Gonzalo Curiel to represent a plaintiff in the Trump University class action suits has another connection to Hillary Clinton beyond a $2700 campaign contribution from firm chairman Darren Robbins. LawNewz did not mention the firm’s connection to the Trump University case. The information was apparently retrieved from a Washington Post data base with the Clinton financial filings on file. (The Post itself has not reported on this connection.)

It seems that Robbins Geller “paid the Clintons nearly half a million dollars in less than a year.”

The massive payout was a result of — what else — speeches provided by the Clintons. Trump has already fought back against a rigged executive and legislative branch, but it looks as if he has few friends in the judiciary, as well. Still, Trump's defeat is far from a sure thing, as he's promising to re-open the school once his name is cleared of all wrongdoing.

Source: Spectator



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