Trump University Judge Connected to Past Illegal Immigration Advocacy

Trump University Judge Connected to Past Illegal Immigration Advocacy

The past few weeks have been a coming-together of sorts for the Republican Party. Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, the GOP often seemed to war with itself more than their with Democrat rivals. Prominent officials swore Trump off and began the #NeverTrump movement, while anti-establishment cherished their opportunity to send an outsider to Cleveland and clinch the nomination.

We all know how that particular story ended. The establishment was crushed, and Donald Trump was crowned victorious. Still, his opponents seemed unwilling to back their new standard-bearer.

Now that time has cooled the tempers and egos of many #NeverTrump supporters, it looked as if the party was coming back together and remembering their initial priority — to defeat Hillary Clinton. Well, at least for a moment.

The GOP reunion came to a grinding halt this week when many prominent Republicans had to walk back their support of Donald Trump after he accused the judge assigned to his Trump University lawsuit of bias due to his Mexican heritage. Even longtime supports like Newt Gingrich rebuked the comments, claiming that they were insensitive, ridiculous, or — at worst — blatantly racist.

Trump, however, may know more than those politicians were lead to believe. See why his comments may be valid on the next page:

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