Trump Throws Out Leftist Mexican Reporter: “Go Back To Univision”

Trump knows exactly who Ramos is, he tells him to “go back to Univision”.  This in itself, stuns Ramos, as he has been nothing but coddled by Politicians and Staffers through the years.  Trump shows his fairness by bringing Ramos back, after a good time-out, making Ramos look like a 2nd grader who gets a second chance to see if he will behave.  Ramos tries to rattle off a series of comments really, no questions, and Trump humors him for a bit.  In the end, Trump-1, Ramos-0.  No matter how you feel about Trump, he surely is not pandering to the press, and by the way–yep I think the Donald could build a “wall” Jorge.

Source: CNN



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