Trump Slaps Border Wall Detractors On Social Media; Statement Goes Viral

Here is the facebook post in response to leftist politicians and the main stream media’s dismissing the wall as a adequate deterrent:


The post was in response to the left’s campaign to dismiss the whole idea of a “wall”.   The wall and the illegal alien debate has taken center stage with Trump’s campaign, a hot topic in which Trump is blaming among other things the Obama Administration’s amnesty “program”.  The main stream media, inline with the leftist politicians, disagree with the percentage of Americans who are in favor to taking action along the southern border.  A  Rasmussen poll shows that 70% of GOP voters agree with building a wall, while 51% of all likely voters agree.

The poll also shows that 80% of all likely voters agree to deportation of all illegal aliens who have committed a felony.

Source: Political Insider



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