Trump to Savage: Maybe Obama “doesn’t want to get rid of the problem” of ISIS

In a recent interview with Donald Trump, Michael Savage explained how excited he was over the Department of Homeland Security agent that said that Obama had personally ordered him to eliminate all records of dangerous Muslim front groups in America, thus making America vulnerable to terrorist attack.

In the past, U.S. intelligence officials concluded that the know the whereabouts of an estimated 60 ISIS training camps spread throughout Iraq and Syria. These camps are the terror group’s successes in holding and taking new territory, because they produce a continuous supply of new fighters.

And what did Obama do? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

His reasoning for not bombing the camps was supposedly over the concerns of collateral damage. Read more about the terrorist training camps here.

It is clear Obama has no urgency to stop radical Islam in their efforts to slaughter the people of America.

Obama does not simply stand by and watch the U.S. fall into a blood trail, he assists terrorists efforts by constantly defying other departments such as the FBI, DOJ, and UAE as he recently declassified terrorist organizations known to be directly linked to Jihadist forces. The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR have now been stripped from baring the label of a terrorist organizations, again furthering our countries susceptibility for casual terrorist attacks. Read more about this here.

All the while, Obama places partial blame on Americans for the rise in terror attacks, because we refuse to give up our second amendment. He also places blame on the DHS for failing to connect the dots.

In the video below, Savage comments over Trump’s honesty in being the only one to address the position Obama has abandoned towards stopping the Jihads, specifically the actions carried out by Obama to bring about a DHS whistle blower.

They go on to explain Obama’s failure to make allies with Russia stating it was only when Russia started to bomb ISIS… that he started making enemies with Russia. To which Trump says, What is wrong with Russia bombing ISIS?

Trump explains that the problem is radical Islamic terrorism, and we have a President who won’t even use the words, and if you don’t want to use the words than you wont get rid of the problem. Maybe he doesn’t want to get rid of the problem.


Source: TruthAndAction



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