Trump Reveals How Much He’s Spent On His Campaign, And How Much Less The Lead Has Cost Comparatively

Trump stated to Forbes:

“I literally have spent $543,000 on my campaign,” Trump said.

“Other people have spent $20 million, $25 million already. Like [Jeb] Bush and all these people. They're spending a fortune.”

Trump is on the record stating he will spend up to a billion dollars “if that's what it takes”.  There is no doubt Trump will acquire the needed signatures, he is not a man without a plan, and would not let that slip through the cracks.  Trump has bucked the Republican establishment candidates, and their “funders” who can not influence him-in fact he has turned down any money from anyone.  His appeal has been thus, that he will not be beholden after an election to make concessions or be “owned” by anyone.

His bombastic style and his tweeter wars-from Megyn Kelly to his latest outburst about Marco Rubio being a “clown” have pundits predicting the fall of Trump.  But Americans aren't buying the main stream media's take on Donald, as evidenced by his poll numbers.

Trump continues to say things that no other main stream candidate would ever say-yet, the Donald seems to be almost teflon like.  Nothing he does whether on tweeter or in public that may be unseemly, sticks.  He is who he is-and at this time Americans are loving it.

Source: Newsmax



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