Trump Reveals Ingenious Plan to Fund Border Wall

One of Donald Trump's proposals that has received the most hostility from liberal politicians and their compatriots in the media has been the proposed wall on the Mexican Border.  The idea of impeding the progress of illegal aliens (actually future Democrat voters) from entering the U.S. at will and in huge numbers is anathema to the leftest causes of folks like Clinton and Soros.

To make matters worse for Hillary, Trump visited Mexico, met with leaders, conducted himself in a presidential manner, and put forward what appears to be a workable plan for financing the wall.  Hillary may claim that Trump shouldn't be going around the world acting like a president, but then being lectured by Hillary the Vile on ethics is just so … well, I can think of a word for how ludicrous that is.

So what are the basics of the plan?

The resources of Mexican transnational criminal organizations, also known as cartels, will be seized and used to fund Donald Trump’s border wall if he wins the 2016 presidential election.

Trump’s idea to force the cartels to pay will likely manifest in the form of seizing their assets. It is likely that the U.S. State Department’s diplomatic shackles placed upon the FBI will be removed, as it is common knowledge that the State Department pressures the FBI to balance their law enforcement priorities with diplomatic concerns–a restriction that makes it difficult to properly address Mexican cartels…

So the plan is to seize the assets of criminal cartels to fund a wall that will prevent other criminal actions like illegal immigration.  And at the same time let the FBI actually do its job.  Who would have thought of that?

And by the way, in spite of what much of the media would have you believe, Trump never did state he would build a wall along the entirety of the U.S./Mexican border.  What did he say, and how does that part of the plan work?

Trump’s plan, as stated as early as March 2016, never included a wall on all 1,954 miles of land border. Trump committed to give the actual Border Patrol agents who patrol each of the nine sectors on the southwest border a seat at the policy table and to listen to where a wall is needed and where one is unneeded–a fact most pundits and journalists seemingly missed as they mistakenly discuss his allegedly changing positions on the matter.

No wonder Trump has attracted such an enthusiastic following. The man is actually prepared to stand up for Americans instead of putting them on the Clinton/Soros chopping block.  Of course, he'll make some mistakes – who doesn't?  But he might be the breath of fresh air that breathes new energy into a nation that a been suffocated by the unworkable, disingenuous machinations of the failed Obama administration.

And I can vote for that.

Source:  Breitbart



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