Trump Reveals how Clinton, DNC are ‘Trying to Rig the Debates’

Trump Reveals how Clinton, DNC are ‘Trying to Rig the Debates’

It would seem that democrats are up to no good again. After the dates were announced for the presidential debates, it was discovered that those debates conflict with “major” NFL games. While this might look like coincidence, many on both sides of the aisle think that it was no accident and that it's meant to help “shelter” Clinton. If that's the case, it doesn't look like the left has much confidence in their appointed nominee and are probably voting for her only because she's the only one they have to vote for.

While the Commission on Presidential Debates has since claimed the dates were announced back in September of 2015, it makes you wonder. Anytime a group has to come out and say that they're “nonpartisan” you should immediately question whether or not they are indeed what they say they are. Then again, because this entire thing was sparked by a Donald Trump tweet, it's no surprise that people are making such a big deal out of it. Whenever Donald Trump tweets anything, there's instant controversy, which seems to work in his favor.

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