Trump Pushes SNL Ratings, Protests

Donald Trump hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live last weekend, and according to the Associated Press, the ratings were “not spectacular.” How one could come to that conclusion is somewhat perplexing. The Trump-hosted episode of the late night sketch comedy show was not only the highest rated episode of the season, it was their highest rated episode in three years.

Yes, that means that Trump has bested media darling Hilary Clinton's guest appearance – by a whopping 47%. It's hard to recall that episode's ratings being blasted by the media, though. In fact, it should come as no surprise that Hillary's appearance was widely acclaimed by the same organizations that are now trashing Trump.

While the attacks by the media should by now be expected, another threat loomed outside. Protesters formed outside the Studio criticizing Trump's SNL appearance, and a $5,000 reward was offered to any audience member willing to heckle Trump's performance by calling him a racist on live TV.

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