Trump Protestors Cuss Women and Children

Trump Protestors Cuss Women and Children

Recently in New Mexico, protestors took extreme measures against the Trump rally goers. The outrage cast throughout the crowd left little to the imagination by way of name-calling. As if the campaign trail wasn't enough chaos for one day, large crowds holding extra large signs while chanting and spitting profanities in the faces of women and young children, is enough to make anyone sick to watch.

People believe Trump stands for freedom and putting America and natural born American citizens back at the top of the world-wide food chain. We have, after all, let the power slip from our very delicate grasp and are in need of a leader who can bring us back to our former glory. Unfortunately, these protestors see him and his followers in a very different light.

In the videos on the next page you can hear the protestors booing rally goers and other obscenities.

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