Trump Plans to Bash Hillary with ‘Clinton Cash’ Book

The Clintons cannot fathom what it is like to struggle each day to make ends meet when they are worth over $100 million.  In an interview with Breitbart New Daily, Trump brought up the Schweizer book, Clinton Cash, that reveals that the “Clintons' speeches and foreign donations made to the Clinton Foundation” have brought them such massive wealth.  They are far from “flat broke” as Hillary once claimed.

“To get to the numbers, they made speeches, they got paid a fortune for the speeches,” Trump said of the countries and companies that paid for the Clintons to speak, pointing to “the way they got treated in government.”

In Clinton Cash, Schweizer investigates the Clintons’ paid speeches and foreign donations made to the Clinton Foundation, arguing that several of the donations came in from groups bidding for government contracts during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

“I think we’ll whip out that book because that book will become very pertinent. I’m surprised it hasn’t been used by Sanders,” Trump added, saying Clinton Cash was well-written and factual.

If Hillary wants to understand how much of America lives, she needs to literally leave her ivory tower and millions and put on the clothes of a pauper, rubbing shoulders with the people she claims to care about.

Source: Breitbart




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