Trump: Obama wont stop At 10,000 Refugees

Trump: Obama wont stop At 10,000 Refugees

Donald Trump has a history of telling it like it is and being unafraid to tell the truth. He also, conveniently for us, is able to fairly predict the course of American politics, a clairvoyance usually reserved for only the most hardcore Washington insiders. But Trump is just as hardcore, his words represent someone that is on the side of everyday Americans rather than the lawyers who cloister themselves in the halls of power.

Donald Trump has revealed that Obama is not going to stop at 10,000 refugees, but will likely allow as many as 250,000. This would come at a time of economic stress for the US, as well as the renewed concerns for the safety of US citizens as highlighted by the attacks in Paris last Friday.

Obama's agenda is moving another step further as this first wave of immigrants breaks on American shores. This opens the door to yet more refugees bearing who knows how many embedded ISIS agents?

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