Trump ‘Not Interested’ in Booking Big Names to Perform at Inaguration

Donald Trump hasn't booked any huge Hollywood A-listers to perform at any of his inaugural parties. Apparently, this is no accident.

President-elect Donald Trump reportedly isn’t seeking any big Hollywood names or performers for his inauguration parties and events.

Trump has been critical of his former opponent Hillary Clinton, who had the support of many celebrities who she showcased at the Democratic National Convention and rallies leading up to the election. Trump has no intentions of doing that when he officially becomes president, according to TMZ.

Trump “is hardly engaged in the party planning at all,” according to TMZ. The president-elect is more focused on the day after his inauguration when he can get to work in the Oval Office, rather than worrying about what big names will perform to welcome his administration.

“It’s almost as January 20 doesn’t really matter to him,” sources told TMZ. “He’s looking forward to January 21–his first real work day in the White House.”


A president that is more focused on the job than on spending taxpayer money and hang out with A-names. This continues to be quite a change from what we have experienced over the past eight years.

Source: Daily Caller



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