Trump: The NFL ‘has become soft like our country’

Trump: The NFL ‘has become soft like our country’

Donald Trump thinks the state of the NFL reflects the state of the country. Commenting on the AFC Wild Card game, Trump ┬ásaid that he thinks referees are throwing flags just “so their wives can see them at home.”

The NFL has been getting weaker in terms of perception. Bad refs and worse health policies have left the National Football League cautious and timid. Donald Trump also believes the game has lost it’s roughness, making games and players “weak” and “boring.”

It makes sense for Donald Trump’s sports interests to reflect his political concerns. Donald Trump wants a stronger, tougher, and more bold America. If our most famous national sport (sorry, baseball) is being emasculated by it’s own timidity, what does it say about the state of our perceptions? Football is how many Americans are entertained, so why would we want to watch soft hitters?

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