Trump Meets with Judge Napolitano for an Hour to Discuss Characteristics of Supreme Court Nominee

The nomination of a justice to fill a vacancy in the US Supreme Court is one of the most important and most contentious actions a president can make.  One obvious reason is that these are life-time appointments, so any vacancies a president fills will impact the nation for years after that president is out of office.

This is an especially critical appointment as the court is equally divided from an ideological standpoint on some of the most critical issues on which the court will rule.  Hence, the next justice will likely tip the balance in one direction or another.

Napolitano reports that while no names of potential candidates were discussed, the criteria for selecting a nominee as well as what characteristics Trump should look for were discussed.  We can infer from the fact that since this was Judge Napolitano who Mr. Trump called in, Mr. Trump was advised to select a nominee who would be far more in the mold of Justice Scalia than Justice Ginsburg, for example.

For conservatives who are very concerned over the direction the high court has taken in recent cases, this should be greeted as good news indeed.

Of course, the nominee must pass through what can be a very acrimonious confirmation process in the Senate.  Perhaps Judge Napolitano discussed some characteristics that might make it more difficult for liberals to block the nomination — without compromising the conservative judicial position from which one would expect such a nominee to rule.

Source:  Fox News



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