Trump: Make Terrorists Deal With THIS

Donald Trump is threatening would-be terrorists directly, saying he'd take them out with his own gun if faced with an active shooter.

These comments come in the wake of multiple mass-shootings around the world, which claimed multiple lives before police could respond and take out the active shooters. In the case of the San Bernardo terrorists, the individuals involved even managed to get away before police could subdue the couple.

Considering the massively improved response time armed citizens have compared to local officials, Trump's assertion that concealed carry is an important factor in preventing terror could potentially save lives.

Trump's comments, as well as similar statements made by Ben Carson, have been criticized for months within the media, but their detractors lack the sense to realize that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Without them, we simply become targets with no means to fight back.

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