Trump Launches a Premptive Tweet Threat Against Comey

With former FBI Director James Comey free to roam the countryside, Trump staffers are scurrying to ensure that they can withstand the torrent of negative press that has been unleashed since the firing.  The tidal wave effect will be sure to wash away some aspects of the Trump personnel, especially with daily drumbeats from the Leftist press of fake news and fake polls explaining his “ALL-TIME LOW APPROVAL RATING!”

In the meantime, the president has launched a pre-emptive strike at the former director in order to ensure that he “plays nice” and doesn't begin shooting off his mouth about all the “secrets” of the administration.  While the mainstream media will be lapping up every syllable uttered by Comey in an effort to scream “impeachment,” Americans can at least get some direct and personal attention from their president…and not through the spin cycle of the media, but via Twitter:

Trump's penchant for tweeting may be infuriating to the Left, but it is vital to Trump supporters because it is an unfiltered, unspun message from the president to his constituents.  It is also a way for Trump to show his frustration at a hostile press that respects neither he nor his staff.

Take it for granted, however, that this tweet will be “trumped up” to be a veiled threat.  Trump has acted like the Apprentice star that he was by telling Comey, “You're fired!”  And although that is really the extent of his power as president, there will be the shouts of how terrible it is that the president is now threatening Comey's future endeavors (and possible leaks).

It must be pointed out, however, that Comey being fired by Trump is a lot more safe than had he been fired by a President Hillary Clinton.  Too often, people surrounding the Clinton camp who don't play ball with them either end up in prison, or dead.

Thank your lucky stars, James.  Because Hell hath no fury like a Hillary Clinton presidency…especially when you were the one who re-opened an investigation eleven days before the election.

Just saying.

Source:  Washington Times





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