Trump Kills Obama CIA Program Funding ISIS

Trump Kills Obama CIA Program Funding ISIS

If you’re former President Barak Obama, how would you go about fighting (for) ISIS? Well, the sickening answer to that question is you provide them with arms and other weaponry.

It takes a very special kind of stupid to think that funding jihadist that Obama himself described as “moderate terrorists” in Syria was a good idea.

But, don’t tell that to the left. Obama could literally use drones to kill babies without the Fake News Industrial Complex as much as making a whimper of disapproval.

And God forbid that President Trump try to roll back as much as an ounce of the dopish hair-brained ideas Obama implemented on behalf of his globalist masters who put him into his faux position of power as the corrupter-in-chief.

The Post reports that President Trump has decided to shut down a CIA program after meeting with national security advisor, H.R. McMaster, and CIA Director, Mike Pompeo. Turns out the depth of Obama’s criminal activities that we’ve learned about so far in the Middle East was just the tip of the iceberg! View this and the top 5 Obama scandals connected to funding ISIS on the next page

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