Trump Hits Back At Alleged Russian Hacking

Trump Hits Back At Alleged Russian Hacking

The desperation on the liberal front to keep Donald Trump out of office is both sad and ridiculous. Ever since President Obama announced that he had the CIA (his CIA) look into Russian interference with the United States election, both the media and social justice warriors alike have been dragging Trump's name further through the mud without any evidence. In fact, nobody has any evidence. This is what's called a political witch hunt, and there are so many things wrong with this entire thing.

First, why Russia? President Obama and his liberal crows hate Russia so much because they've continually made President Obama look like a fool, which hasn't been that difficult to do. But there are so many people out there who love both him and Hillary Clinton, and they hate Russia, and they have no idea why. Second, the CIA doesn't exactly have a great track record with their “investigations” which was brought up by Trump's transition team, who brought up the incident with Saddam Hussein. Third, the alleged “evidence” they have is that Russian hackers were releasing Hillary Clinton emails to get people to not vote for Hillary. That's like saying, “Oh, hey, we know that Hitler was exterminating the Jews, but as long as we can't hear their screams, it's not happening.” It's disgustingly crooked.

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