Trump Forces GOP to Reveal Itself

Trump Forces GOP to Reveal Itself

If you ask the normal everyday GOP voter out there in middle America what it is that they want done, they will all tell you the same thing:  “I want the Republicans in Washington to start doing something…anything…to help President Trump do what he promised he was going to do.”

It’s pretty simple and it makes sense.  People didn’t go to the polls in record numbers since Reagan to vote for McConnell, or McCain, or Ryan.  They went to the polls to vote for Donald J. Trump.  They went to the polls to vote because they didn’t like the way the country was going.  They said it, plain and simple.

Lots of Republicans in the Swamp thought that when polls said that Americans didn’t like the direction of the country, that it was the Democrats and Obama they were talking about.  And they were.

But, they were also talking about you, GOP!

That was the colossal tone-deafness of the Swamp RINOs coming through loud and clear.  They couldn’t conceive that they, in fact, were a huge part of the problem.

Turn the page to hear about a new look at the way the American voter views at the Establishmentariat and how their “Stockholm Syndrome” has created a wimpy, crying, bitter GOP whose offspring resembles the worst of both a whiny McCain and a simpering Boehner!  Yikes!

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