Trump Donation Uncovered: $20k to K-12 LGBT Education

Trump Donation Uncovered: $20k to K-12 LGBT Education

Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding transgender individuals’ bathroom rights surprised many this week. The surprise stems from the fact that his stance — that people should be able to use whichever restroom that they please — is in opposition to many of his core, conservative supporters.

Amid reports that Trump would be toning it down, using a teleprompter, and moving to the center, many took his statements as proof that his traditionalization of Trump was, in fact, well underway.

The truth is — he’s never been particularly conservative on LGBT rights at all. The media’s fascination with Trump’s far-right policies on the border, military, and economy has painted the real estate mogul as a politician on the far-fringes of the Republican Party. In reality, he’s far more centric than many have been led to believe.

Trump’s rigid stance on LGBT rights can be proven by looking through the donations he’s made as a private citizen. A new report from Breitbart shows that Trump’s foundaton made a sizable contribution to an organization formed in order to promote LGBT rights to school-aged children.

Does this apparent conflict between him and his core supporters hurt his chances to win in November, or does it help him create a broader coalition that will send him to the White House?

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