Trump Demands Disney Rehire The Employees They Humiliated and Fired

Before even answering the first question, Trump makes his point clear, saying that he got into the race because the every day working American is getting screwed and lobbyists are writing the rules to benefit the rich and powerful. While the interview focused a lot on Marco Rubio (R-FL) and the controversy involving H-1B visas, Trump spoke many truths that Americans have been waiting to hear.

BNN: The media has been filled with stories about companies flying in low-wage H-1B workers to replace American workers in tech jobs. Adding insult to injury, these American workers have been forced to train their replacements. If you were President, would you put a stop to this practice?

DT: Day one. This is why I got into this race. Because the everyday working person in this country is getting screwed. Lobbyists write the rules to benefit the rich and powerful. They buy off Senators like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to help them get rich at the expense of working Americans by using H-1B visas–so called “high tech” visas–to replace American workers in all sorts of solid middle class jobs. If I am President, I will not issue any H-1B visas to companies that replace American workers and my Department of Justice will pursue action against them.

Donald Trump is currently leading the GOP in popularity and most national 2016 polls. If he lands the nomination and ends up in the White House, America could be seeing some drastic changes.

Check out the humiliation Disney dealt to their employees here.





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