Trump: Cruz is Worse than a Puppet, He’s a Trojan Horse

Trump: Cruz is Worse than a Puppet, He’s a Trojan Horse

Hell hath no fury like The Donald scorned and the wrath of Trump was unleashed as the Wisconsin primary results rolled in.

Donald J, Trump focused his fire on Senator Ted Cruz and accused the Senator of being a tool & puppet for the Republican establishment.

Mitt Romney had the most slithery play regarding Cruz which was call an “anti-endorsement” by the left-leaning

Cruz seems to be a willing shill to take a few states and then hand the mantle over to a republi-squish candidate who will ensure defeat in 2016.

The establishment Republican party is so worthless, it is challenged by an elderly socialist and a pathological liar First Lady who carpet bagged a New York Senate seat.

With the potential for a contested convention on the horizon, many different factions have gotten behind a number of candidates, all of whom would be equally ridiculous as the usurpers of Trump at this point.

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