Is Trump a Conservative? You Decide

Is Trump a Conservative? You Decide

Donald Trump’s conservatism has been a major issue for his entire campaign. Is he a conservative? What does it mean to be conservative?

Many have relied on political pundits to help them answer that question, but given their total inability to predict and frame this year’s primary election, combined with their obvious disdain for Donald Trump, it’s likely a better idea to decide for yourself.

To help you make that determination, Breitbart has compiled a detailed list of Trump’s stances on major issues important to the conservative voter. It ranges from abortion, to same sex marriage, to immigration. It introduces the topic, says what Trump believes, and moves on.  That’s all it is, nothing more, and nothing less, and  it’s very informative.

With it, you can answer the question “Is Trump conservative?” with no media bias, no spin, and no outside influence.

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