Trump and Carson to Get Secret Service Protection, Finally

The FBI and Secret Service are disturbed by the escalating numbers of threats against Trump and Carson.  Of recent, Carson has come under threat and these threats are “off the charts”, most likely connected to his comments that he would not vote for a candidate for  president who was a Sharia-practicing Muslim.

Sources also said that Dr. Carson has been resistant to taking Secret Service protection, but recently relented when officials briefed him on the actual threats they have uncovered.

Trump also had been threatened due to his strong and outspoken position on illegal immigration.  “El Chapo”, the Mexican drug lord, has allegedly put an one-hundred-million dollar bounty on Trump.

Trump’s son Eric, a top member of his father’s business empire, told Fox and Friends that his father deserves Secret Service protection.

When asked why his father has not received adequate security, the younger Trump said:

I think that’s a great question for [the Secret Service]. Every time I go to one of these events with him, there’s 30,000 people, there’s 40,000 people, there’s mobs of people, and the energy, it’s incredible. But it really only takes one, all right. It really only takes one. So I wish they would, and maybe that’s a selfish thing. Maybe that’s a son speaking on behalf of a person he loves. I really wish they would, but I think in time, it will come, and hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later.

Both candidates have ignored political correctness and spoken the words that so many Americans believe but the politicians have refused to articulate.  This has created aa enemy force for both men .

Source: Breitbart




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