Trump Cancels Rally to Protect Supporters From Violent Protesters

The Trump Chicago Rally was stymied by a very “organized group” that “stifled” the first amendment rights of Trump and his supporters.  Speaking to Hannity, Trump pointed out, “You know, if we had done that to them, it would be a national disgrace, a national story, and the likes of which you've never seen.”

The groups, and Black Lives Matter, claiming responsibility and victory, hypocritically charge Trump with hateful rhetoric, yet their behavior belies what they truly are about. These protesters are thugs, paid for by Soros, to stop free speech and created a violent atmosphere.  There is no such thing as a civil discourse with Soros or the BLM movement, for alternative ideas are expressions of hate and must be snuffed out.

Ilya Sheyman, a failed Illinois contender for Congress and the executive director of Political Action, has taken credit for the violence at a cancelled Trump event last night in Chicago. He promised similar violence and disruption will occur at future Trump political events leading up to the election.

“Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events,” on the George Soros funded MoveOn web page. “To all of those who took to the streets of Chicago, we say thank you for standing up and saying enough is enough. To Donald Trump, and the GOP, we say, welcome to the general election.”

The protesters stormed the floor of the arena in ruckus celebration after it was announced that, due to security reasons, Trump was calling off the rally.

Many jumped up and down, with arms up in the air, shouting “F— Trump!” ”Bernie! Bernie!” and “We stopped Trump!”

Kamran Siddiqui is a 20-year-old student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where the event was to take place. He says: “Trump represents everything America is not and everything Chicago is not. We came in here and we wanted to shut this down. Because this is a great city and we don't want to let that person in here. Everybody came together. That's what people can do. Now people got to go out and vote because we have the opportunity to stop Trump.”

Whether one likes Trump or not, credit is due for his wisdom in not putting people in harm's way.  Certainly the behavior and threatening nature of the Soros clan and BLM demonstrates the great chasm the Divider-in-Chief has created in this nation and specifically demonstrated in his hometown of Chicago.  There is nothing “American” about the violent nature of Soros funded protesters, but rather it reflects the Marxist soul of the MoveOn organization.

MoveOn has consistently functioned as a lobby group for the policies of the Obama administration, including the disaster of Obamacare and the continuation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the escalation of the war on terror that has turned America into a police and surveillance state. In 2007 it backed a bill trotted out by then Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to continue financing the occupation of Iraq.

These well-funded groups, thugs of the Democratic party and far-left ideology, will use any tactic to promote their agenda.  They are a powerful force of evil to be reckoned with and one that Obama fully embraces.

The threat to continue these types of violent upheavals at GOP rallies is a tragic turn of events in American history.


Source: Info Wars Fox News



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