Trump Blasts Syrian Refugee Programs with “The Snake”

Donald Trump’s policies concerning Syrian refugees and alien Muslims is often misunderstood. While those in the media try to paint the presidential contender as an Islamophpobic, xenophobic bigot, his actual policies are far more nuanced, and far more complicated. In order to better convey his attitude, he’s found the perfect song.

At two recent events, Trump put on a pair of glasses and did a dramatic reading of “The Snake,” an anthem by the soul singer Al Wilson, in the middle of his speech.

The lyrics of the song are about a “vicious snake” that takes advantage of a “tender woman,” who treats the creature with kindness only to get bitten.

Trump suggested the song was a metaphor for what would happen if the US embraced refugees fleeing the violence in Syria, whom Trump considers potential terrorists.

Hear Trump’s reading of the song in the video below:

Source: Business Insider



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