Transnational Attack On Americans: Companies Dump Scores of IT Workers For Foreigners

Even though the move hurts American IT workers, Cengage believes it stands to gain from outsourcing it's labor. The Daily Caller reports:

“Some of the jobs have apparently been outsourced to India.

‘I think it’s what’s killing the American economy,' one of the laid off workers told Computer World. ‘The middle class jobs are going away.'

Cengage conceded it laid off 75 workers in a statement to Computer World and transferred 20 employees over to Cognizant, describing it as a ‘very difficult decision' made because of a need for ‘a more flexible staffing model' in what is an ‘evolving' business.”

As previously mentioned, Cengage is hardly the first company to engage in this practice. Truth And Action has previously documented corporate attempts to take advantage of the H-1B visa:

“H-1B visas are now being used to simply bring in immigrants to replace Americans for less money. And as we see with cases like Disney, many are not only fired, but have to suffer the humiliation of training their replacements.

‘The program has created a highly lucrative business model of bringing in cheaper H-1B workers to substitute for Americans,' stated Ronil Hira, a professor of public policy at Howard University and expert on H-1B visas.

As it currently stands there is a limit of 85,000 visas granted each year, but that could easily change as corporate giants continually press for increases in annual quotas, claiming that there aren’t enough Americans around with sufficient skill sets.”

One user commenting on this story stated:

I refused to train my little Ahmad, and they threatened not to pay me. Of course, I decided to pay off my house years ago and I downsized. So I told them to F off. And best of all, I threatened law suit if they screwed around. They left me alone and gave me a fat severance. They made some indebt dope train my replacement. F them All, pay off your debt and show them you don't need them

Sources: The Daily CallerTruth And Action

At a time when Americans are marginalized for illegal immigrants, we see Americans replaced by foreign workers. This is all a part of the take down of America led by Barack Obama. Americans seemingly have 1000 different attacks on their freedoms and their lives occuring simultaneously, which is designed overwhelm…too many targets for a leaderless population to deal with.



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