“Transmasculine” Teacher Receives $60k Payout for Collegues’ ‘Wrong Pronoun’ Usage

“Transmasculine” Teacher Receives $60k Payout for Collegues’ ‘Wrong Pronoun’ Usage

Education may be one of the most liberal occupations in America, but sometimes it seems even our country’s teachers can’t keep up with the increasingly ridiculous levels of political correctness now required by those on the far left. Still, refusing to bend to the whims of leftist activists can now cost you quite a bit.

Teachers at an Oregon school learned that the hard way, as “transmasculine” teacher Leo Soell was recently awarded $60k because her colleagues failed to call her by her preferred pronoun. To make matters worse, the word that she insisted they use was not “he” or “she,” but a word that makes no grammatical sense in the context of a singular person.

Apparently, refusing to use bad grammar now qualifies as workplace harassment.

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