Transgenders In The Girl Scouts

Transgenders In The Girl Scouts

One should never want to hurt a child's feelings by pushing them aside or not including them in something, but when parents and society have inappropriately pushed their ideals on a child, confusing them into believing they are not whom they were naturally born to be, that is when a child is hurt.

Girl Scout of America have now opened their ranks to a confused boy, whose foster mom is fostering the belief that he is a girl and should be allowed to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

The young boy, Stormi, has a tragic story of being placed, through an emergency placement, into Kim's foster home.  Sadly, instead of helping this young man grow out of the tragedies which occurred in his young life, Kim has added to the lifelong pain Stormi will experience, as he will inevitably be pushed away by traditional society.  The foster mom has forced this young man into the center of attention, grabbing headlines, when she should be caring for the healing of his soul.

Kim and Stormi have gone door to door, selling Girl Scout Cookies and have experienced a backlash that will hurt him, rather than heal and grow him into a well rounded adult.

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