After Transgender Bathroom Ordinance Fails, Liberal Groups Call on NFL to Boycott

After Proposition 1 lost handily in Houston, Breitbart reports that transgender rights groups are taking their demands to the NFL to try to push forward their agenda.

Losers in the Houston “bathroom ordinance” election are saying they are going to boycott Houston’s economy and are asking the NFL to move the Super Bowl. Houston has been named as the site of the 2017 Super Bowl.

Whiners and those trolling them on Twitter with #BoycottHouston, were prolific on the day after the defeat of the bathroom ordinance.

A petition was initiated to call upon the NFL to boycott.

Sites like RAWSTORY, also criticized the methods used by opponents of the ordinance and reported that sites such as Outsports were asking the NFL to move the 2017 Super Bowl.

Trans military veteran Brynn Tannehill wrote in SB*Nation Outsports,The NFL claims to respect the human dignity of all their fans. Even this fan of the Cowboys who has watched since Roger Staubach handed the reins to Danny White.” Tannehill continued, “The only way to remain ethically consistent, and show that respect, is to move the 2017 Super Bowl to a location where people like me are not put in mortal danger every time we need to use the bathroom.”

This is yet another way liberal groups are trying to circumvent the democratic process in order to subjugate our citizens to their own demands. It looks as if this battle is one they should be prepared to lose.

Source: Breitbart

Fortunately, the NFL didn't cave to these demands:

A day after voters struck down an anti-discrimination ordinance that created protections for gay and transgendered people in Houston, the NFL issued a statement saying the league will not alter plans to have the city host Super Bowl LI in 2017. The NCAA, however, said that while the repeal won't impact the 2016 Final Four, it could deter future events in the city.

The ordinance, which was put in place by Houston's city council in May of 2014, made it more difficult for individuals or businesses to deny services, housing and employment to others on the basis of age, race, sexual identity and gender identity.  Opposing lawmakers fought to have the ordinance struck down, and the Texas Supreme Court required the ordinance go to a vote, where it was repealed by a roughly 60-40 percent margin on Tuesday. Among the arguments, opponents of the ordinance argued that it could aid sexual predators by allowing men to use a sexual identity claim to enter women's bathrooms and then commit assaults. Houston's mayor, Annice Parker, called that campaign one of “fear-mongering and deliberate lies” and framed the failure of the ordinance as a broad stroke of injustice.

Source: Yahoo



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