Top Swiss Economist: Western Govts Moving to Enslave Population, Steal Assets

Chaos is needed in order for governments to keep their people subjected. That is why it is in times immediately following horrific tragedies that governments push for increased control and surveillance over citizens private lives.

Western governments are forcing their citizens to report ALL cash or other monetary assets not stored in banks. Just last week the U.S. Senate passed a bill forcing citizens to report all assets or face 10 years in federal prison. This is alarming in and of itself. But when you add in the fact that Western paper currencies and banking institutions could easily all collapse if a certain action was taken by the global financial elite.

The credit growth following the death of the Gold Standard, combined with increasing consumer debt are not positive trajectories. In other words, the wealth accumulated over the last 40 years is based on credit and the changing monetary value and imminent collapse of paper money.

What is the solution? And where is the developed world heading? All on the next page.

Egon von Greyerz, legendary banker, currency expert and early supporter of gold investment companies, has a stark warning for Western civilizations sure to raise alarm in even the calmest of folks.




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