Top Swiss Economist: Western Govts Moving to Enslave Population, Steal Assets

Western governments and politicians are a part of a scheme designed to breakdown democratic societies.

Just take the EU, a massive bureaucratic dinosaur in Brussels with unelected and unaccountable leaders. Juncker, the President of the European Commission personifies the hubris of his organization. Their extremely arrogant treatment of the UK in connection with Brexit is just one example of their conceit.

The hubris we are seeing in many parts of the world is a typical sign of the end of an era. Another sign is the fear created by authorities which leads to draconian measures to control the people.

This is also going on in the U.S. Just recently the Senate passed a bill requiring citizens to report all cash or other monetary assets held outside of banks or risk federal siege and imprisonment. Why might one ask? The government claims tracking all citizens monetary assets is vital for fighting terrorism. Really. That is what the government needs to do to fight terrorism? Rationale people might point out that investigating and monitoring known terror suspects might be more valuable for fighting terrorism. But how long has it been since rationale thought has been a part of government. That is rhetorical. The answer is clear.

There is a reason liberal politicians are only concerned with the fate of some 6 million refugees entering the West from countries marked by radical Islamic extremism. It is to create chaos. There are over 65 million refugees. Liberals don't care about refugees. That much should be obvious just by pointing out that often overlooked fact.

Liberals care about creating chaos and destroying democracy. Chaos is why citizens are allowing their rights to be violated right now in the name of protecting innocent children from terrorists. This is not satire. It sounds absurd but that is the reality our country. This is the reality that the entire West is battling right now. This is what is happening right now in our country! Do people not realize?!

Entire populations will be rendered helpless and in chaos by forcing citizens to store all assets in monetary form in banks before proceeding to crash the entire banking and paper money systems.

How can one not say there is some sort of foul agenda lurking behind all this madness and clear abandonment of rational thinking? Fighting terrorism is the reason behind U.S. citizens being required to report all monetary assets not held in banks. Fighting terrorism is the reason Germany is now trying to pass a bill requiring monitoring of all citizens. This new proposed bill in Germany will give the government the right to fingerprint, access social media pages, and even read text messages before encryption. This is sickening and marks the end of freedom and democracy unless people get smart and start preparing for the imminent collapse of Western civilization.

In the interview below Egon warns that the greatest of all bubbles is about to pop and what President Trump can actually do about it all:

Source: King World News 



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