Top Scientists To Unleash Ancient Virus

The ancient pathogen is known as Mollivirus sibericum. It is the fourth prehistoric virus to have been found since 2003, and “science experts” warn climate change and thawing ice could resurrect similar, dangerous pathogens.
That should tell you all you need to know right there. If we don’t stop Global Warming by stripping away all free enterprise markets, democratic governments and plunge the world into a Medieval darkness led by benevolent tyranny, the world will be overrun by ancient viruses that will wipe all living things from the planet.
Note the tone of the UK Daily Mail report:

It is the second virus of its kind to be found by the team, and joins other giant viruses including the Minivirus from 2003, the Pandoraviruses found in 2013, and Pithovirus sibericum discovered last year.

Experts fear that bodies infected with the disease, which are defrosting in Siberia – having become exposed from melting frost – could potentially begin a cycle of infection, should a person make contact with remains.

Unlike most viruses circulating today, these ancient specimens are not only bigger, but are far more complex genetically.
Source: UK Daily Mail

Yes, global warming defrosts ancient frozen corpses that suddenly release mass disease that destroys humanity. Seriously, this is the stuff of really cheap, really bad Sci-Fi movies. And the disease will undoubtedly be spread via Sharknadoes all starting in LA and New York City…

The entire fearful and angst ridden report can be unleashed here.



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