Top Boehner Replacements All RINO

These are who are likely to assume the speakership. If chosen, they will be certain to change absolutely nothing, giving them an edge with about one hundred other RINOs in the House.

When President Obama refused to follow immigration law, McCarthy said this: The current immigration system is “broken” and “needs to be fixed, 42% of everyone that’s here illegally came here legally,” he said, a reference to people who overstayed their visas. “We need to fix this system.” Yes, that says he is a dud.

So, he will not hold Barack Obama to account for not closing the borders. He will not attempt to fix the visa system or follow the law as written, allowing Obama to run rampant.

McCarthy was given the award as Congress’ worst offender when it comes to frivolous office spending during the Radio and Television Correspondents Diner. That says enough.

Tied with Kevin McCarthy with a score of 63% is Congressman David Schweikert (AZ) who was kicked off the Financial Services Committee. Other flunkies include Congressman Justin Amash (MI) was kicked off the Budget Committee, and Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS) was kicked off both the Budget Committee and the Agriculture Committee. They were told their conservative voting records and their record of dissent from leadership made them unqualified.

Source: Independent Sentinel

Nothing like having a failure for your leadership posts.

Steve Scalise, the brand new conservative on the Republican Study Committee, denied there was a problem. He claimed that since conservatives Mick Mulvaney and Paul Labrador received seats on committees, the others losing their committee seats had nothing to do with conservatism. He said that knowing the men were kicked off because they were voting conservative as their constituents wanted.
“Some went down, some went up,” Scalise said casually.




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