Top 8 Lies Liberals Assert About Illegal Immigration and Criminality

With illegal aliens accounting for anywhere from 11M to in excess of 30M people currently “hiding in the shadows,” in addition to a full one-third of the “documented” aliens being convicted felons, there is an urgency to solving this issue like never before; an urgency that propelled a businessman with no political experience into the seat of the most powerful person in the world.

For many long years, the Jackass Party has been working hard toward building this “permanent underclass” that will vote Jackass no matter how bad it gets for them.  Look at the Black community.  They abandoned the Republican Party in the 1960s after being duped by Lyndon Johnson and his toadies and have been in abject poverty ever since.

The illegal community is now approaching levels of political influence in this country where a choice has to be made.  Do we give up our sworn sovereignty to a foreign body that wishes us harm (by importing dangerous criminals, drugs, sex slaves, and cheap labor to destroy the working poor and middle class in this country, OR do we stand for our federal immigration laws and enforce them?

The Left will intone in matter-of-fact voices all the statistics that “prove” that illegal aliens are GOOD for the economy and the nation.  The Center for Immigration Studies has come out with a fact sheet that completely decimates the Left's argument for such a position and shows, in fact, that just the OPPOSITE IS TRUE.  Turn to the next page to read the many fallacies and facts about the “victimless crime” of illegal invasion by “undocumented” Democrats!




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