Tomi Lahren Rips Beyoncé over her Superbowl Half-time Show

“The Black Panthers, for those who don't know, were critical of Martin Luther King's non-violent Civil Rights Movement.  They didn't believe in change through peace, they promoted violence instead.”  Tomi Lahren's tirade is truth, but it won't be spread in the households that need a history lesson.  The looters and the Black Lives Matter Movement don't desire truth.

Staring pointedly at the camera, she chastised Beyoncé saying, “Congratulations Beyoncé, you made your statement. You should be proud of yourself.  The Superbowl is the most watched event on television.  A game that brings Americans of every color, background and political party together.  A game where black fans cheer next to white fans.  A game where team mates work together as one, regardless of race.  A celebration  of diversity, rooted in a common bond!”

Preach!  View her finale below!




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