Todd Rundgren: ‘If You’re a Trump Supporter, Don’t Come To My Show’

It's not just the Hollywood mega-celebrities that have gone full meltdown over Trump. Now, some of their D-list friends are joining in on the action.

It's not surprising that the liberal town's biggest names have refused to embrace the Republican president. Cher already has plenty of money, so what has she got to lose by lying about the effects of “Trumpcare” on her asthma? And Meryl Streep is already the darling of the Hollywood elite, so she's free to claim that she's braving “armies of brownshirts” to take on Trump.

But people like Todd Rundgren, who haven't charted since the early 90's, should probably be a bit more selective about what they say. After all, they don't have much of an audience left, and offending their fans with political speech might jeopardize their dwindling appeal in the entertainment industry.

Of course, this fact isn't stopping them from saying stupid things about Trump.

See what Rundgren said about the new president on the next page:




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