TN Bill Bans Teaching Islam to 7th Graders

The Five Pillars of Islam has been taught to seventh graders in Tennessee and the parents are looking for heads to roll.

Last month, for example, parents in the Nashville suburb of in Spring Hill expressed alarm because their children in a taxpayer-funded middle school are learning about the Five Pillars of Islam in a world history class. (The first and most important pillar is roughly translated as: “There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.”) At the same time, the parents say, the course material pointedly ignores Christianity.

Fortunately, this outrage fueled Rep. Sheila Butt fire and she has introduce legislation that will not allow any religious principles be taught to students until the 10th grade.

“I think that probably the teaching that is going on right now in seventh, eighth grade is not age appropriate,” the Republican said on Friday, according to the Times Free Press. “They are not able to discern a lot of times whether its indoctrination or whether they’re learning about what a religion teaches.”

The school of course want to defend their curriculum and state this is just history.

State education officials have insisted that the Islam curriculum is purely secular and designed to inform students about history.

Along with Islam, students study Hinduism and Buddhism, but never do these middle school students study Christianity or the basic teaching of the story of Jesus.  So much for a world religions overview.

Source: Daily Caller





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